Repairing your Roof

Do you know when you need minor roof repairs? The average consumer would be surprised to know that even the smallest roofing repair can help prolong the life of your roof by a few years, and help save you thousands of dollars from a potential roof replacement. We recently spoke with Sam Brown, owner of Centennial Best Roofers in Centennial, CO. Sam gave us some insight on some of the homes that he has worked on in south Denver, and what he has seen from homeowners over the years. To visit Sam and his company, click on the link here:, or call 720-399-1320 for more information. Here are some of the findings that we got from a conversation with Sam on roof repair vs. roof replacement.

  1. Some consumers think that if there are just a few shingles missing, they are in need of a complete roof replacement. This is not true, and one of the biggest things that honest roofers fight against. With so many roofers simply trying to earn a buck these days, some of them can be extremely dishonest. In our previous post, you read about how some roofers can tell you that you need a replacement when you really don’t. If you think that you only need a few shingles replaced to do the job, it’s very important to get multiple bids to see if you only need the repair vs. the replacement.
  2. Typically, a standard roof repair will cost less than $2,000 on a roof with asphalt shingles. The cost can be much lower than the $2,000 price point, but that’s the standard in the industry. For older roofs, that’s where the area becomes a bit more grey. Most older roofs with asphalt shingles, or any other shingle for that matter, it becomes very difficult to match shingles that are over 10 years old. Sam says the reason for this is that shingles go out of date, and although Timberline or GAF shingles have been around for a very long time, the colors may not be easy at all to match. Most of Centennial Best Roofers customers are not really worried about an exact match if it’s just a few shingles, but in his over 10 years in the roofing business, he’s seen some homeowners request a complete roof replacement from a company because they don’t have the exact match of the shingle that they want. This doesn’t happen very often, but Sam says it can happen.
  3. When there is water damage that is coming in through the roof, that’s when the need for a complete roof replacement becomes more necessary. Most homeowners don’t get their roof checked as often as they should, or they spend too much time up on the roof themselves, leading to more wear and tear than necessary if they would simply have a roofing company perform routine maintenance. Roofs are meant to survive the toughest elements like snow, hail (to an extent), rain, cold, and exposure to the sun. Roofs can take a lot of punishment, and people can walk on top of them, but they should be careful and monitor spots that seem a bit soft. If you feel a soft spot on the top of your roof, then you should call a roofing professional immediately, because you may have to have some plywood replaced under the shingles.

If your roof looks like this, you probably need it to be replaced. But even we’ve seen roofs that have lasted through this. So it’s not just the shingle that matters, it’s the entire composition of the roof that you should pay attention to.

Roof in need of a replacement

Sam said the most important thing that homeowners should keep in mind is how much they want to spend on their roof. The cost of metal, slate, cement, and tile are much more expensive than wood, but depending on what type of wood shingle you choose, that can be very expensive as well.

If your roof looks like it’s showing some wear, give your nearest contractor a call. Better safe than sorry!










Things to know

Barring a few exceptions, residents of Denver enjoy relatively stable weather. Aided by its elevation (1 mile above sea level), Denver usually experiences mild frosts and light snowfall, along with comfortable summer temperatures and few destructive storms. This makes Denver a safe and valued place to raise a family and to run a business.

“Keeping a roof over your head” is more than just a turn of phrase. Your daily job or your business may seem like the only thing you need in order to keep the proverbial roof in place, but few people pay a second thought to what is actually keeping them safe and dry. However, even the tiniest problems can rapidly escalate; a tile coming loose in a storm, or one too many balls kicked by your neighbor’s, can cause minor leakage, which can lead to rust and the decay of the structural elements – something that only presents itself weeks or months down the track, and the financial burden of such events will rapidly escalate.

On the flip side, those who are choosing a roofer to work on their new home, or to replace their entire roof, must find someone who can handle this mammoth task. Quality is paramount – one tiny problem can lead to massive expenses down the track. Therefore, finding a roofer who you can trust doesn’t necessarily mean finding the cheapest or the fastest. After all, what’s the point of cutting the price if it means cutting corners and forking out loads of cash later down the track?

Finding a roofer who you can trust is easier said than done. You need someone who’s willing to get up and get dirty, someone who will pay close attention to the finer technical aspects of your roof, someone who can pinpoint problem areas before they become a big problem, and someone who takes pride in their work.

Whether it is a classic tiled roof, asphalt shingles, slate or even metal, you must make sure that it not only looks good, but that it will stand the test of time and stand up to the elements. A trusted professional roofer will ensure that you get the best advice and the best craftsmanship. They should also provide the advice you need to perform your own routine maintenance, and should be available for regular inspections as necessary.

Denver, CO Roofers

Regular roof maintenance means regular inspections of both the exterior and the interior, paying particular close attention to the flashing, cornice, and guttering, making sure to to note any sections which appear loose, cracked or simply out of place. Your gutters are just as important as the rest of your roof, and any clogged gutters represent both a flood and a fire risk. Check these for corrosion or other damage. As soon as a problem is noted, get in touch with your roofer ASAP before it gets any worse.

You should expect your roofer to guide you through the process of any repair job or new project. This not only builds trust, but lets you know that they’re thinking of the big picture and are not just going to do a rush job, which will leave you with expensive repairs down the track. You want somebody that takes pride in their work, and this should come across in the way they talk about their work.

For instance, you may already have the perfect roof in mind, but your roofer may have other ideas – perhaps the material won’t withstand the weather? Or maybe they’ve simply got a better, grander design? In any case, they should be willing to explain not only how they intend to do their job, but why they intend to do their job. Of course, don’t expect a crash course in roofing from your chosen professional, but as long as they can talk the talk they have a much better chance of being able to walk the walk.

When do you need a Roof replacement?

The never ending question we get from homeowners is when should I get my roof replaced? Should I just have a roofer come out and check the roof once every year? Is there a company that offers roofing maintenance that can simply let me know that my roof has a year, 5 years, or more than 10 years left in it’s life?

The answer to those questions can change every year, according to the weather. Especially in Colorado, there is way too much variation with the weather to know what’s going to happen this year vs. next year. Here at LSS-MN2, we can’t help but guess that this winter will be completely different than the winter of 2014. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11th (just in time for Veteran’s day), but that snow could be melted off roofs, and roofing companies could have a green light to be back up and working on the top of your homes by Thursday morning, weather permitting. Most of the roofing companies in CO are hoping for a little break because this year was so crazy with work, thanks to all the late spring storms that took place in April, May, and June.

Depending on what type of shingles you have, you could need a roof replacement within 10 years of its installation. With all of the new roofing technology out there, most shingles, including asphalt, wood, metal, slate and tile, you could have anywhere from a 10-50 year wait for your roof replacement. Metal, slate, and tile last longer than wood and asphalt, but are much more expensive, and you can expect to pay at least two times what you would pay for a typical asphalt or wood shingle if you go with metal, slate, or tile.

Here are a few pictures of the different types of roofing shingles:

asphalt shingles

metal shinglestile shingles








Wood shingles

slate shingles









Also, each homeowner should be very careful and research companies before deciding which company you are going to hire to do your roofing work. Asking the tough questions ahead of time, and getting at least 2 bids on your roof will give you some insight into what roofing companies are good in your area. If you are unsure of which companies are good, always look for reviews on google or yelp and read what other consumers are saying. For the most part, if you find 4 to 5 star reviews for a company, and there are more than ten reviews, you have found a very reputable company. Still, after each bid, ask how long each roofing company will take to install your roof, the average life of your roof, and if they offer a warranty on their work.

We have worked with a company called Advanced Roofing Technologies up in Fort Collins in the past, and we could tell that they were a legitimate company when we watched them scale 12 roofs in one day after a hail storm, and they found that only 3 of those roofs needed a replacement. Most roofing companies that are out there would try to tell each potential customer that their roof needs to be replaced even when it didn’t. Each consumer is better off reaching out to companies like this. There are many other companies in the roofing industry that are honest, but they generally are few and far between.

Does your roof need a replacement? If you don’t know the answer to that question, reach out to a few experts in your area and inquire. Not knowing whether you need a new roof can lead to severe problems in your home. Don’t be the person that doesn’t get your roof checked if you are unsure!


The Importance of the Roof Inspection

Twice a year, every homeowner should check the roof for any possible damage, especially after the seasons change. At the end of the summer and at the end of the winter you need to make sure that the roof is in a good condition, so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

polished-pro-contractorThis should be done thoroughly, because any possible roof damage can lead to other problems like water leaks inside the attic, mold, serious damages to the shingles or the materials that the roof is made of and so on.

When you make the roof inspection, you have to be careful about some things. Here are the steps that you can follow for performing one by yourself.

The Visual Inspection

When you decide to make the roof inspection, start from the outside and simply observe the roof. You should be able to see every part of it, and the visual inspection is very important because it will give you the first impressions. See if there are any missing shingles, tree branches that hit the roof or any other problem that you might observe.

See the roof from all the points, and if you can’t see a part, you can take a ladder and just step up on it. Don’t go up on the roof; just go up enough to be able to see the part of the roof that you can’t see from the ground.

The Inside

After you have finished inspecting the roof from outside, go inside and go into the attic. That is an important place where you will be able to see 17Y1sRACXN-roffing-sheetsanything that might be wrong. Look for anything that might be a problem – water damage, mold, humidity, broken insulation and so on.

If you see anything that is wrong, remember the place or note it down and move forward. You need to inspect every place that you can reach and see any possible problem.

Call for a Roof Inspector

The roof inspector is a professional that is licensed to perform these tasks. If you have seen anything wrong with the roof in your prior visual inspection, the roof inspector will make a report and he will tell you exactly what is wrong with the roof.

You might have seen the problem, but he knows exactly what is wrong with it. On the written report he will also make recommendations about what to do and how to fix it. In some cases, the damage can be small, like a missing shingle, but in other cases you might want to change the entire insulation of the roof.

Hire a Professional Roofing Company

If you have some problems with the roof, it’s important to get a professional to fix it, because it can’t be solved with a simple DIY project. A roofing company will also offer you insurance for the work that they are performing, so in case of a future problem, you will know who to call to swimming-pool-contractorfix it.

Don’t Avoid It or Postpone It

The roof inspection is extremely important, because it can allow you to fix the possible problems in time, before the damage becomes worse. It’s important to make it at least twice a year, if the home and the roof are new and in a good shape.

However, if the roof has almost reached its lifespan – in some cases it may be 15 or 20 years, you might want to check the roof more often or even decide to change it entirely.

A small damage to the roof can turn to something worse if you don’t take care of it in time, and you can do this only if you notice it in a short period of time. Usually, the roof inspection can cost you some money, but it’s better to pay now than to leave it like that and pay a lot more after some time.