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Barring a few exceptions, residents of Denver enjoy relatively stable weather. Aided by its elevation (1 mile above sea level), Denver usually experiences mild frosts and light snowfall, along with comfortable summer temperatures and few destructive storms. This makes Denver a safe and valued place to raise a family and to run a business.

“Keeping a roof over your head” is more than just a turn of phrase. Your daily job or your business may seem like the only thing you need in order to keep the proverbial roof in place, but few people pay a second thought to what is actually keeping them safe and dry. However, even the tiniest problems can rapidly escalate; a tile coming loose in a storm, or one too many balls kicked by your neighbor’s, can cause minor leakage, which can lead to rust and the decay of the structural elements – something that only presents itself weeks or months down the track, and the financial burden of such events will rapidly escalate.

On the flip side, those who are choosing a roofer to work on their new home, or to replace their entire roof, must find someone who can handle this mammoth task. Quality is paramount – one tiny problem can lead to massive expenses down the track. Therefore, finding a roofer who you can trust doesn’t necessarily mean finding the cheapest or the fastest. After all, what’s the point of cutting the price if it means cutting corners and forking out loads of cash later down the track?

Finding a roofer who you can trust is easier said than done. You need someone who’s willing to get up and get dirty, someone who will pay close attention to the finer technical aspects of your roof, someone who can pinpoint problem areas before they become a big problem, and someone who takes pride in their work.

Whether it is a classic tiled roof, asphalt shingles, slate or even metal, you must make sure that it not only looks good, but that it will stand the test of time and stand up to the elements. A trusted professional roofer will ensure that you get the best advice and the best craftsmanship. They should also provide the advice you need to perform your own routine maintenance, and should be available for regular inspections as necessary.

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Regular roof maintenance means regular inspections of both the exterior and the interior, paying particular close attention to the flashing, cornice, and guttering, making sure to to note any sections which appear loose, cracked or simply out of place. Your gutters are just as important as the rest of your roof, and any clogged gutters represent both a flood and a fire risk. Check these for corrosion or other damage. As soon as a problem is noted, get in touch with your roofer ASAP before it gets any worse.

You should expect your roofer to guide you through the process of any repair job or new project. This not only builds trust, but lets you know that they’re thinking of the big picture and are not just going to do a rush job, which will leave you with expensive repairs down the track. You want somebody that takes pride in their work, and this should come across in the way they talk about their work.

For instance, you may already have the perfect roof in mind, but your roofer may have other ideas – perhaps the material won’t withstand the weather? Or maybe they’ve simply got a better, grander design? In any case, they should be willing to explain not only how they intend to do their job, but why they intend to do their job. Of course, don’t expect a crash course in roofing from your chosen professional, but as long as they can talk the talk they have a much better chance of being able to walk the walk.

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